Too many Quilt Tops so Little Time? The majority of quilters enjoy the creative process of piecing their quilts, however, they dread having to maneuver the layered quilt through the throat of their domestic machine to “quilt the quilt”.

A little introduction here, I am Irene Brayne of Brayne Waves Quilting. I started sewing over 40 years ago. In 1982 I graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honours) from L’Académie Des Couturiers Canadiens in pattern drafting. It was an easy progression for me to move from designing clothing to designing quilts because quilts are designed to lie flat whereas clothing needs to fit the body. A mattress that measures 60” by 80” this week will measure the same a year from now!

My longarm machine is an APQS Millennium with a stitch regulator so that the stitch length is consistent. I searched long and hard before making the decision to computerize my longarm. I made the decision to computerize when I crossed paths with the IQ system. What is better than having a “Brayne” quilt your quilt? How about a Brayne with an “IQ”, what a team!

My past concern with a computerized machine was the “mattress cover” look of consistent quilting. Well the IQ won me over. It is leaps and bounds beyond the initial machines that hit the market. The IQ enables the operator to mirror a pantograph by flipping odd and even rows on the X or Y axis (high school math has its place in quilting). The result is that a “repeating row” can be several rows down the quilt versus every row on a hand guided pantograph. One of my “claims to fame” when hand guiding my longarm was that I would re-draw the edges of the pantograph to not quilt off the edge of the quilt top. The beauty of the IQ system is that I am able to keep to this high standard AND start and finish with full rows due to the re-sizing capabilities of the IQ system.

I love fabrics and quilting gives me a very creative outlet to showcase my work. I feel truly blessed to have become a longarm quilter. I love taking the pressure of “quilting the quilt” off my client's plate and allowing them to move on to the next project. Your quilt is important to me and I take pride in the quality of my work. I can promise you that throughout the process of quilting and finishing your treasured quilt top, I will dedicate my time and effort to make it a beautiful quilt. Rest assured that your quilt will be handled with tender loving care in a smoke-free environment.