Quilting, Thread, Batting, Backings and Binding

This section is by no means comprehensive. Pricing is as individual as your quilting choice and the dimensions of your quilt top.


Since there are quilters that have no concept of how much it costs to have a quilt quilted, the purpose of this section is to “ballpark” the least expensive quilting option.

The least expensive option is an edge to edge design. This is a repeated interlocking pattern quilted from one side of the quilt to the other, from the top to the bottom. It is priced at $3.50 per square foot.

This is calculated by measuring your quilt width in inches and multiplying it by your quilt length in inches and dividing it by 144. This number represents the number of square feet in your quilt. It is this number that is multiplied by $3.50 to obtain the cost of the quilting.

Other quilting options which would be more expensive include an edge to edge design with a separate border pattern. I no longer provide full custom quilting. If you have a quilt requiring custom quilting I suggest contacting your local quilt shop for a referral.

I have a minimum quilting charge of $50 per quilt; however I do not charge a separate set-up or mounting fee.

These prices do not include additional charges for thread, batting, pressing, repairs or piecing the backing fabric.


I have a large assortment of thread. I carry cotton, polyester, mono-poly (not nylon filament) , variegated, polyester, glow in the dark and metallic threads. There is an additional charge if you want me to use the specialty threads and if you want more than 2 colours per quilt


I carry a variety of battings depending on the quilting look you prefer. I carry 100% cotton (also in organic when available), 80/20 in bleached, unbleached and black, a 50/50 blend of bamboo and cotton, natural wool batting and also a siliconized poly down batting.


Backing is a very personal choice. For wall hangings and plain quilts I can provide either bleached or unbleached 108” wide muslin. I try to maintain an inventory of some neutral tone on tone wide fabrics as well as an assortment of beautiful 42” wide quilting cottons and flannels. These narrower cottons can be pieced with a matching backing seam to look like a wide backing.

Binding Service Prices:

I do not offer machine binding because I believe your quilt deserves the traditional finished look of hand binding. For the cost of $1.00 / sq ft (same calculation that was done to figure out the cost of quilting) I will attach your provided binding for you to flip and hand sew to the back of your quilt. For $1.25 /sq ft I will create the binding from your provided fabric as well as sew the binding onto the front of the quilt ready for you to hand sew to the back of the quilt.

Personally I prefer a wider binding. I cut my bindings 3 ¼ ” wide resulting in ½” wide binding on the finished quilt. To ensure that the complete binding is full and not “empty” at the fold in the binding I trim the quilt according to the size of the binding. Where the finished binding size is not disclosed I will trim the quilt a generous ½” past the quilt top which allows for a ¾” finished binding to be applied to the quilt. The widest binding I have attached was 1”. The quilt was pieced by Shirley Keane, it looked beautiful and took a first place ribbon at the Mississauga Quilt Guild 2007 Show.

Please “measure twice” to make sure you are sending enough binding, or that you are sending enough fabric to create the binding the width you want.


An additional labour charge of $25 per hour will be required for work such as piecing backing, repairing seams, squaring up backing and extensive pressing.


An additional 13% HST will be calculated and charged on the invoice.